Biden Hires His Own Death Squad…And America’s


When asked about his new administration’s obvious in-your-face diversity, slow Joe said he personally designed it to “look like the country.” For the sake of appearances rather than abilities, and seeing as how experience is overrated anyway, Biden relied on a color chart to do his hiring.

Who needs resumes? Anyone can be taught.

In days of yore, H.R. departments had race quotas they had to fill based on percentages of their entire workforce. This was the cause of many inexperienced applicants being hired for positions they knew little to nothing about.

On the other hand, many highly qualified applicants were left looking for jobs outside of their chosen field, which they too were unqualified for. America’s productivity suffered a hard blow as a result.

Joe Biden is doing a great job of resurrecting the difficult times he can no longer remember, but we still can. Just to spark a memory there is one city that suffered an unmerciful fate far above that of all others.

It should come as no big surprise to learn it was Seattle.

But it wasn’t only about jobs. That’s a given. They’re still paying the price even today.

When Seattle embraced the tribalist movement their city government viewed things in much the same way as blind Biden is seeing them now. Seattle’s city government quickly hopped on board for the bragging rights of becoming the “first” city to grab equal employment opportunity by the reigns.

Yes sir. They were numero uno.

They began by assigning people from particular minority groups to key leadership roles. Put ’em out front where they can be seen so to speak. Show the citizens what a great job we’re doing.

At the time, Seattle’s government officials never anticipated how the same minorities they had just promoted or hired would one day run their collective butt’s out of town on a rail. And they did exactly that.

In really trying to please the crowd, some of the new appointees had been activists who became more influential as the years went by. As their influence began spreading among their peers it was decided that the old regime wasn’t liberal enough for their tastes. Their antiquated ideologies no longer fit in with what Seattle, in their opinions, had become.

But things didn’t go so well for them when the cities first Black female police chief, Carmen Best, let her activist buddies down by throwing her full support behind Seattle’s police department. This was not at all what they had expected.

Then came the county’s first lesbian sheriff, Mitzi Johanknecht. They considered her to be a great snag until she wouldn’t back their demands for police reform until further investigation was completed.

The new liberal activist-led government also thought they had struck gold by hiring Denise Juneau as Seattleā€™s first lesbian and Native-American school Superintendent. They expected her to give undaunting preferential treatment to non-white students, but they were once again let down when she kept her dignity by treating all students as equals.

Time has marched on and despite some unexpected resistance, the liberals remain in charge. So now we only need to turn our attention to the state of affairs in Seattle today.

It’s a chaotic city full of anarchists, fascist and anti-fascist groups, armed militias, nut cases galore, a growing homeless population, a huge illegal immigrant community, and an anything and everything goes attitude.

So what if a few people have to die now and then in the name of their personal and protected freedoms. It’s worth it.

Now we return to D.C. where Joe Biden is allowing the worst of history to repeat itself. He’s using how an individual identifies to determine if they are right for the job. And these people will be leading our nation.

If you haven’t asked yourself this question yet, we’ll ask it for you. Where exactly will they be leading us?

One more question, though. How long will it take before the seat fillers Biden is hiring decide he isn’t Left enough? Who’s taking bets?