Biden: Can We Just Make the Border into a Drive Thru for Illegals?


Illegal aliens hate being called illegal. They see themselves as migrants or people looking to retake the homeland of their ancestors. When these people make a point to assert themselves and force a weak administration to change the way they are spoken to, they turn aggressive and want even more.

Joe Biden and his weak Administration are pushing ahead to remove any word from the literature that would be offensive to illegals. He wants to make illegals feel more at home in the United States. So, no federal document or agency can use a word that would otherwise offend an illegal alien.

Immigration offices have been instructed to tell all officers that they cannot use the term on any form sent to the illegal aliens home. They reason that it might offend them and keep them from showing up to the assigned court date. They must now be called “customers.”

The new directive was sent out to make illegals feel like they belong here.

Paul Bedard from the Washington Examiner stated that the email dictated that “This guidance will ensure the agency is not placing undue stress on the customer who believes he/she may or may not receive an NTA based on the information provided in their denial notification.”

Biden is doing whatever he can to make illegal feel at home in a country they do not belong in. Jose Antonio Vargas is illegal and yet he supposedly heads up the organization Define American.

He stated that “The language change on the first day of this administration, with [Vice President] Kamala Harris the daughter of immigrants, to me it’s not just symbolic … it’s foundational.”

Vargas looks at America and drastically wants to make a place where there is no law and order. He wants to see the country transformed into a place where the taxpayer becomes the slave of the illegal.

An illegal person pays no taxes and receives only free benefits at the expense of people who live in America legally.

Biden’s terminology opens the door for socialistic thinking to take over. People like Vargas, Biden, and Obama want to turn America into a sanctuary from other areas of the world.

They would love to see Washington placed in another county. Their intention to redefine and restructure America is nothing more than an attempt to destroy the greatest nation in the world.

Joe Biden is looking to install a governing mindset that thinks and acts globally. It is a mindset the redefines what it means to be called an American. It is his way of erasing American identity and repositions it as a continental ideal.

No other nation in the world would ever think of letting its unique identity be erased by a few illegals that were offended because they are called “illegal.” It would be expected of them to become a full citizen and identify as an American and not another nationality from another country.

Biden’s reform wants to change the terminology of “illegal entry” to “irregular migration.” These changes are just the start of redefining what it means to be an American. Legal citizens are under attack because the rights they have for being legal are being threatened.

Biden way states that “First, the Administration will address the underlying causes of migration through a strategy to confront the instability, violence, and economic insecurity that currently drives migrants from their homes. Second, the Administration will collaborate with regional partners, including foreign governments, international organizations, and nonprofits to shore up other countries’ capacity to provide protection and opportunities to asylum seekers and migrants closer to home. Finally, the Administration will ensure that Central American refugees and asylum seekers have access to legal avenues to the United States.”

His blatant disregard for the security of America is treason and needs to be dealt with. He is taking the greatness out of the country that so many have given their lives to protect. Open borders and redefining illegals take away the uniqueness of being an American.

Biden is cheapening what it means to be called a real American.