Biden Breaks His Word on Day One and More Lies are Expected Soon


Joe Biden has made a lot of promises to different people around the country. He made promises of a significant comeback from who knows where and immediate somethings to people that large in part have nothing to do with anything.

But now that he is sitting in the Oval Office, many are looking for him to start living up to his word. All they are getting are unfulfilled statements and actions.

Joe Biden made a promise to the people of Georgia that they were going to get $2,000 stimulus checks. This statement was made so that the votes would vote Democrat. His approach’s shady nature was designed to get the liberal support he needs to enact his selfish policies.

As the runoff election was taking place, the liberals built their platform on the $2,000 promise.

Biden stated that “By electing Jon and the reverend, you can make an immediate difference in your own lives and the lives of the people all across this country. Because their election will put an end to the block in Washington on that $2,000 stimulus check. That money that will go out the door immediately to help people who are in trouble.”

This promise has never been seen. There has been no money sent to anyone in Georgia. The big thing that the people in Georgia learned is that they cannot trust the lips of the lying Democrats.

And now that Biden is in office, he is going back and changing what he said he would do. He is working out lowering the amount to $1,400.

The liberals and their media dogs will never report that Donald Trump was true to his promises. He was a man that simply never lied. If he said he was going to do something, people knew that it would be done.

The Democrats love to shaft people. They will use them, and then they will abuse them. Those living in Georgia are now regretting their decision to base their votes on a paycheck that they will never see.

And Biden should be ashamed for lying and buying votes with money that was not his to use.

Oscar Zaro was quick to point out that more people voted Democrat in his district because of the potential of getting money.

He stated that “the last few weeks heading towards the runoff election, especially after Trump endorsed the $2,000 payments, Warnock and Ossoff made it a point to endorse and exclusively say ‘2,000 checks,’ A lot of the people in my district voted blue in the runoff for two main reasons: (1) Loeffler and Perdue denying us relief during COVID while profiting millions themselves; and (2) $2,000 checks. They really underestimate just how much people are hurting economically.”

The Democrats have no intentions of delivering on their promises. They got what they wanted, so they quickly turn a blind eye and run away like cowards from a fight.

Joe Biden is more concerned with erasing Donald Trump from the halls of the White House. He is already signing executive orders like they are going out of style.

The only promises he is living up to are those that directly affect illegals and criminals. He has no interest in helping Americans that go to work every day and come struggling to make ends meet.

The nasty Democrats have their own timetable. They are now in no rush to approve any help for Americans. Their primary desire is to impeach Donald Trump so he cannot pick off them off in 2024.

Instead, they would attack a man who is no longer standing in their way than stand up and do what is right for the country.

Their hatred of Trump is excessive. They just cannot let things go with him. Biden will come to the end of his four-year term and not be able to say he did anything beneficial for the country.

He will be forced to confess that he lied and did not deliver on his promises. His media brothers will simply find a way to lie about his accomplishments with no evidence or proof to back anything up.