Assassin Found Dead After Failed Attempt to Kill Judge


The death of Jeffery Epstein was mysterious as it was sudden. The man was under constant guard in prison and he ends up dead in an apparent suicide. Since that day, the mystery behind his death has all but fallen silent to memory. No news media talks about and people that know anything about it are hushed by pressure or threat. There is more to the story that needs to be investigated as an assassination attempt on the District Judge that presided over the case was nearly killed by an assassin. 

Some people believe that the attempt on her life was attempted by gang members, and still others because of her connections to other top cases. But the assassin failed to kill Esther Salas. And now it appears that he ended up dead for his failure. Sadly, a college-aged adult was killed, and Salas’s husband was injured. 

Within hours of the attempted assassination, the FBI started working on finding the coward behind the attack. Some have come to believe that the same people that killed Epstein are behind the murders. There were a lot of high-profile Democrats involved in with Epstein. A few accusations have been levied against people like the Clinton’s stating that they are responsible for hiring the would-be killer. 

The body that was found was located in New York state. Law enforcement is working to determine if it is the person of interest in the attempted murder of judge Salas. The body was located within 24 hours after the botched attempt on her life. Whoever ordered the murder certainly did not waste any time killing the man that failed to complete the job. 

The story that has been published around the man’s body seems to be a cover of the real events that are taking place behind the public’s eye. Law enforcement believes the body to be that of Roy Den Hollander. He was an attorney that had ties to Salas. The liberal controlled media tells people that Den Hollander was an anti-feminist. 

He was known to have sued nightclubs that offered discounts to women. He also sued Columbia University for offering classes that taught about women studies. These facts are pushed by the media as a means to paint an unfavorable picture of Den Hollander. It is told that he was killed by a “self-inflicted” gunshot injury. 

But the drama does not end there. The connection to Salas stems from a 2015 case where she ruled over a case that involved Den Hollander and him suing the Military over the Selective Service. He argued that it did not give them equal rights because women could not be drafted as men could. His demented way of thinking did more harm than good to Americans.

The juicy secret about the discovery of the body is that shortly after he was found “a package addressed to Salas” was found nearby. But the media reports that this part of the story is told by officers that have first-hand knowledge of the investigation. Nothing more is ever said about the package that was addressed to Salas. There is a lot more going on with Salas and what she knows about Democrats. 

Den Hollander’s body was found just two hours away from her home. The death of her son and the injury to her husband were done by a person that was hired to kill the judge. This drama set for Hollywood production cannot be ignored. 

Salas was assigned a case that involved the Deutsche Bank. Supposedly, the bank did not take any action of suspicious transactions that were linked directly to Epstein’s account. Some report that there is no connection to the case. But Salas’ trouble started the day she was introduced to Epstein and his charges of sex trafficking of girls. Someone wants her out of the way so a bought off judge can take over the case and set the Democrats free. 

The corruption behind the Democrats leaks out into the public once in a while. But they are clever enough to cover their tracks and to take care of weak links. President Trump keeps pushing for them all to be exposed. And the public might just get some answers as he enters his next four-year term.