Arizona County Refuses to Let Dominion Machines Be Inspected Because They Know They Cheated


The Dominion voting machines have been proven to be unreliable. The forensic investigation of Antrim County, Michigan machines proved that the machines were susceptible to tampering and manipulation.

That investigation was never taken seriously by any liberal because they planned their deception from the beginning.

The media never picked up the story because they knew the moment they did; the public would demand a full investigation into the rest of the machines. Joe Biden’s alleged victory would be in jeopardy.

The liberals are quiet about the fraud because they know that it exists. And the media will not report on it because they love the money the Democrats pay them.

But when liberals are in charge of leadership, it is next to impossible to get ahold of the devices to prove that things were fair.

If the election was as fair as the Democrats claim it was, then there would be no reason why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona should block their Dominion machines from being investigated.

These criminals are refusing to comply with a subpoena that was issued by the legislature, who all want an audit of the machines. The fact that the Board of Supervisors will not comply only serves to incriminate them.

They know that they were behind the fraud in Arizona, and they are not willing to let anyone discover their satanic crimes.

The state’s judiciary committee has told the Board of Supervisors that they have until Friday to turn the machines over to the investigative team. Democrats think they are above the law, and that is why they believe they do not have to comply with court orders.

Karen Fann is the Senate President, and she stated that “The goal is to verify the machines did what they are supposed to do.” But the election officials know that the machines were rigged, and they do not want that information leaked out. Antrim County’s audit is having a significant impact on other counties.

Michelle Ugenti-Rita is with Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors, and she says everyone “is supportive of conducting an independent audit of their voting software and equipment. It is important we maintain all of the voting public’s confidence in our elections, and this is a positive step.”

She is telling everyone what they want to hear but continues to fail to back up her words with action.

She is stalling just enough so the machines can be fixed and reprogrammed to hide the deceptive deeds that were done. No one wants to admit that they were tricked and lied to by the Democrats. And it all goes back to them wanting to protect their precious jobs.

President Trump sounded the alarm the day after the election, and there was not a governing body that took those warnings seriously. But now that hard evidence is showing up; people are paying attention.

But the word is slowly getting out because the nasty media will not do its job and report on the findings of important investigations.

The subpoena was issued moments after the report on Antrim County, Michigan, was released. The Democrats know that if they can hold out a little longer and get the Joe Biden official certified, they will have effectively stolen an election.

The fight for law and order is only beginning. President Trump has one of his cases sitting at the feet of the Supreme Court Justices. And it looks like there are more on the way. The Maricopa County investigation will open a new can of worms that will not be able to be ignored.

The Democrats do not want the investigation to happen because they know that there will be people heading to prison for their part in an attempt to destroy the American election process.

The president promised to protect Americans and keep things fair and prosperous for all, and that is precisely what he is doing by waging this most important fight in the courts. Many people believe the system is broken and cannot be fixed, but this fight will prove once and for all American court system health.