Are We More Divided Now Than Right Before the Civil War?


The Civil War erupted between the North and the South – but it didn’t happen overnight. There was a significant amount of tension that was in place for years leading up to it.

There was great controversy over enslaving Black people. However, it wasn’t just that. It also had to do with economic and social differences as well as how state and federal rights were viewed.

Now, we’re leading up to a time when there’s yet again the tension between the parties. Instead of it being the north versus the south, it would be the right versus the left. The liberals want to drive the country in one direction while the GOP wants to hold us on our current course.

Brit Hume, a political analyst for Fox News identifies that Americans are more divided now than during the time of the Vietnam War.

Throughout the 1960s, a number of people were divided as to whether we should have been involved in the war. It led to riots, stand-offs, and plenty of other issues, peaceful and otherwise.

Hume wants to take it a step further and look at whether we’re actually more divided than before the Civil War.

Well, we’ve got political differences. There are constant arguments about state versus federal rights. Oh, and there are extremists that are fighting by telling us that we need to apologize for our “whiteness” as a country.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there are also forces at work to silence our thoughts by closing social media accounts or even deleting an entire social media platform from existence.

Hume explained that political leaders have to “tamp us down” to find areas where we can all agree because, right now, the division is “poisonous to our country.”

It may be too little, too late. The House Democrats have already impeached President Trump – and he’s the first president in history to be impeached twice.

Trump has made a video statement to “unequivocally” condemn the riots that happened at the U.S. Capitol. That’s great that he’s condemning the riots, but the statement comes a week too late.

It doesn’t seem as though any of the leaders – current or upcoming – know how to handle the situation properly.

Trump was certainly not doing the country any favors by spreading false claims about election irregularities. However, President-elect Joe Biden wasn’t helping matters when he said that the police treated rioters “lightly” since the crowd was predominantly white.

Both Trump and Biden are guilty of creating division.

Why can’t it be about what America needs? Biden is promising to heal the country and provide unity but, then, he talks about something that is so racist it can’t be seen as anything but divisive.

The first civil war had to do with racism – but more specifically, it was about enslaving Black people. Since that civil war, the country has done a lot of healing.

Black people are no longer enslaved, they have the right to vote, to attend school with white people, and many Black Americans have risen to prominence to hold elite positions within the government, including having a black president for not one but two terms.

There is still the belief that there’s systemic racism to be found all over the country. Many believe that there’s no systemic racism.

The solution to systemic racism is a complicated one. Many want to “reprogram” white people while others want to offer up even more to Black people so as to create a situation where they get all of the perks.

There cannot be any one race that is given more than the other. If we are to clear the country of systemic racism, all races must be treated equally – that means neither White nor Black people are given anything extra.

That is where the divide seems to come, however – and if the leaders of our country can’t figure out how to agree on a way forward, we may end up fighting our way toward a second civil war.