Are Democrats Turning Their Back to Biden’s Failed Immigration Policy? Democrat Governor Sends Troops to Southern Border


Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is the first Democratic governor who has seen fit to take this all-important step. He is the first one to even discuss sending troops down to the southern border, in hopes of cleaning up the awful mess that Joe Biden and his ilk have made. The governors of Arizona and Texas have also made similar pleas that are falling on deaf ears.

The Democrats have spent a lot of time denying what is taking place but at long last, there are actual governors who are willing to do their job. Evers is the first, to the best of our knowledge, to make a real commitment. Thanks to him, 125 National Guard members are going to be sent down as soon as possible.

Sadly, this is more than Biden or Harris has ever been willing to do. Wisconsin Republicans have had a very good question about this that needs to be answered. They are wondering why Evers is changing his tune on this matter all of a sudden. What changed for him and why is it changing now? The truth must be revealed as soon as possible.

Guess what? These GOP governors have reason to second guess him for this decision. It feels an awful lot like he is going back on his position now that Trump is gone. If you recall, this man did not want any help from Trump on the matter in 2019. In fact, 112 troops on the southwest border of Arizona were withdrawn, thanks to him. These troops that are being sent now are being offered up for the same reason that Trump provided.

When Biden needs help, they come running. Sleepy Joe cannot handle the border crisis and now he is pressing his Democrat pals into duty. Headline USA has more:

“Sen. Julian Bradley, R-Franklin, said Gov. Evers recalled troops from the border when President Donald Trump tasked them with a similar mission two years ago.

“In 2019, Gov. Evers pulled Wisconsin’s National Guard troops from the southern border,” Bradley explained. “Now, at President Biden’s direction, he’s sending them back on yearlong orders. The unbelievable length of time shows that President Biden and Evers have no plans to solve the border crisis and the influx of criminals and drugs into America.”

Bradley is not the only Republican at the Wisconsin Capitol who remembered the governor’s 2019 orders.

“Curious if Gov. Evers will say this has ‘no justification’ like he did in February 2019 when he pulled our fine WI troops off the Southern border?,” Rep. Tony Kurtz, R-Wonewoc, said on Twitter Wednesday.”

The Wisconsin National Guard statement has been given but they are currently not offering up any additional information on where the troops are going to be deployed. Evers is sending them as part of a federal deployment, unlike the other Republican governors. Per WXOW:

“The 229th Engineer Company from Prairie du Chien and Richland Center is going there as part of a federal deployment. They’re assisting with what Guard officials are calling “non-law enforcement activities” assisting U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

According to a Wisconsin National Guard spokesman, the deployment timeline and destinations haven’t been determined.”

Thanks to the Democrat cover that has been provided by the federal deployment, it is now easier for them to assist with the southern border crisis. Evers gets to say that he is responding to a request that was put in by a fellow Democrat. The about-face that Biden has pulled here is amazing to watch.

This man went from pretending that there was no problem taking place to quietly trying to fix it. It’s hilarious to watch and we would love to tell them that we told them so. Instead, Biden wanted to pretend that our borders had to be open to all. Evers is clearly trying to make sure that he is viewed as a bipartisan governor now, so that he can keep his job after the next election. Funny how that works!