America’s Mainstream Media Is a Disgrace! CNN Defend DC Mayor for Violating Her Own COVID Mandates


Of course, the mainstream media wasted no time carrying the water for Muriel Bowser. You knew that this was going to happen and they have sprung into action immediately. For those who are unaware, she’s been on quite the rampage when it comes to the mask mandates that she is supposed to be enforcing.

Believe it or not, this mayor managed to break the mask rules not once but twice! It all started when she decided to throw herself a birthday party where no one was wearing masks. Bowser pulled off a particularly clever gambit here, as she delayed the implementation of these new mask mandates until she had the chance to have her birthday party.

From there, things went from bad to worse, as she elected to officiate a wedding ceremony that was held indoors. Was she seen wearing a mask at this time? You can bet your bottom dollar that she was not! Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner stands with us as far as the birthday party is concerned. From the looks of it, she already had plans to violate the rules while she was in the process of putting them together:

“Her birthday party was not a surprise birthday party. The wedding wasn’t spontaneous. Bowser announced on Thursday the mask rule would be effective Saturday morning, knowing she was hosting a public Friday night party and a private Saturday night party.

That is, she declared that everyone had to wear masks for the district’s safety while already intending to host maskless crowded parties. She didn’t issue rules and then break them. She issued rules intending to break them.

So this leaves us with two possibilities: Either Bowser wants to spread COVID-19 through unmasked parties, or Bowser thinks vaccinated people can safely gather unmasked.”

Josh Barro also took notice and he offered up an even more scathing indictment of the current mask mandates:

“Why do officials keep doing this sort of thing, when they could simply not issue the rules they clearly don’t believe are necessary? Anyway, what Muriel Bowser did reflects the facts on the ground: A mask mandate is not warranted by current conditions, because we have the vaccine, and if people want to have a wedding they should proceed as normal with it. Now she should just make that public policy!

All that this does is prove that Bowser is a good little Democrat and willing to go along with whatever the Democrat “scientists” are saying this week. The CDC has recommended that we mask up indoors if we are spending time in areas with a substantial amount of transmission. Since DC certainly fits this criteria, Bowser had no chance but to bow to science, even if she herself is not willing to do so

CNN is starting to get weird, even by their usual standards. The following exchange says it all:

“She wasn’t actually, as far as we know, violating the new rules, correct?”

“It seems like it could be during the toast. Right?”

That’s how deranged these people have become. “When encountered by the Washington Examiner, Mayor Bowser confirmed that she officiated the maskless, indoor wedding, but when asked why she was violating her own mask mandate, her security retinue quickly escorted her away,” Tiana Lowe shared. All we know is that this policy is insane and we are not sure why so many people want to fall on the sword when they simply do not have to.

The liberals need to get something through their heads…..people are going to live their lives in the best way possible. Even some of your precious fellow lefties are not going to hide in the house and wait for cases to go down to zero. When Democrat mayors are flouting the rules to this extent, you have to ask yourself a very obvious question: why are these silly rules even in place at this point?