America’s Leader Is a Laughing Stock! World Leaders Jump in to Correct Clueless Biden (Video)


Joe Biden just can’t stop stepping in it, can he? The latest example of his borderline comical ineptitude took place during a sitdown meeting this weekend at the G7 in Great Britain. Boris Johnson, leader of the UK, was forced to step in after Biden had yet another faux pas. He couldn’t help himself, as he interrupted the Prime Minister to welcome the President of South Africa.

“And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea),” Johnson said. Biden lunged in to add “and the President of South Africa”, neglecting the fact that Johnson had just said his name. “And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said,” Johnson repeated.

Of course, Biden seemed confused by this but let’s be honest. It does not take much to confuse that guy these days anyway. Biden and Johnson tried to play it off with a funny exchange and the whole room laughed. We are sure that it was nervous laughter but we digress.

The mainstream media does not even bother reporting on these gaffes, for reasons that should be obvious to almost anyone. Biden’s dementia cannot be covered because then they would have to admit that he is the wrong man for the job. This flies in the face of their Trump coverage, which always seemed focused on how mentally unstable he was.

How many times did the mainstream media trot out a doctor and claim that Trump’s mental capacity was starting to weaken? It happened repeatedly. Meanwhile, Biden does not even seem to know where he is most of the time but that is perfectly okay with them. As long as your chosen candidate wins the election, it is okay to slough off the obvious signs that their mental acuity is not what it once was.

Trump was never given this sort of good faith glad handling but you know how it goes. The mainstream media has always handled Biden with kid gloves. This is an extension of the way that they treated Barack Obama, who was also considered to be above all critiques.

If anyone ever said anything about Obama, they were painted as a racist and told that they needed to be quiet. Now, it has gotten to the point where foreign leadership feels it necessary to intervene. This is not how we need to be looking on the world’s biggest stages.

This is why Russia, China and all of our other foreign adversaries are currently licking their chops. They see Biden struggling to remain coherent and realize that this is their time to strike. Anyone who cannot see this is kidding themselves in a major way. Biden’s lack of competence is going to land America in big trouble by the time this term is over.

Even if they handed it off to Harris at this point, we are not sure what that is actually going to accomplish. She may not be losing her marbles yet but we are going to be blunt here. We are not sure that she had all that many marbles to begin with. Biden may have thought that he could step aside whenever he was ready but the succession plan is going to run into a few snags.

Instead, we are now stuck with a president who acts as if he has just been woken up from a very long nap every time he has to speak in public. We would not be surprised if this was the case but that’s just how Sleepy Joe rolls. He’s not here to make sure that the country runs properly, he is only here to ensure that the liberals remain happy at all times.

Boris Johnson should not have to correct our president because he does not know what is going on. It’s like watching a train wreck that happens in slow motion. Unfortunately, the future of the nation is involved and we cannot look away.