America Doesn’t Care for Our Veep! Nobody Shows up During Harris’ Return to Her Hometown


Kamala Harris has not been back to her hometown of Oakland, California since she was elected Vice President. That’s understandable enough but the reaction to her return visit is what we found the most interesting. She made her trip to the Bay Area with a specific objective in mind.

She was visiting a water treatment facility, in hopes of offering up some much-needed promotion for the Joe Biden infrastructure proposal. He wants to spend insane amounts on this project and now Harris is needed to run interference. While he’s tucked away and sleeping soundly, she’s the one who will be responsible for speaking up about this project.

These are the dues that she needs to be putting in, especially if she wants to ascend to the presidency someday. Biden’s not the one who is going to be doing all of this traveling. That’s why he got this young, ambitious go-getter to handle the grunt work on his behalf. He knows he’s not up to it.

There is just one problem here. There were no supporters on hand to hear what Kamala had to say. You would think that she would be able to draw a crowd in her hometown but no dice. We are also supposed to believe that this woman got over 80 million votes, though.

How come she can’t manage to draw any sort of crowd in the city where she is from? This is a question that we are going to be asking as many times as we need to. The funniest part of all is that no one seemed to expect her arrival. You would think a visit like this would have come with some preparation.

“Vice President Kamala Harris headed to her home turf in Oakland for the first time since the inauguration. This time, she was touting the American Jobs Program as she visited a water treatment plant and a small business in West Oakland. Neighbors were surprised to see her!” tweeted Matt Boone.

This post did not receive very much attention and so Boone would soon try again. “Vice President Kamala Harris is taking a tour of the @ebmud Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plant in Oakland. She’ll then head to a small business and then to a round table discussion with local business leaders,” he said.

Did anyone care about that? Nope. When the Harris motorcade rolled by, there was no throng of screaming supporters. She could not convince anyone that it was in their best interest to come hear what she had to say. Others tried their best to put a good face on what was taking place.

“Visiting East Oakland Business, King Estates Neighborhood first trip back home To The Bay as Madame Vice President Kamala Harris! Ms. Shyamala Gopalan Harris, MVP’ mother, bought her first home in East Oakland when MVP was in College,” tweeted one of her supporters. This is almost as funny as the time that Harris and her husband returned to their home back in February and were greeted by all of two people!

Again, this is the woman that we are supposed to believe in. We are being told that she will make a fine future president and that over 80 million people voted for her. These are lies that the mainstream media has a serious investment in trying to sell to us. It’s high time that the Democrats admitted to the obvious so that we could all finally move on with our lives.

Mind you, these are the same people who decided that Trump wasn’t very popular because they shared some misleading photos from his inauguration. It’s pretty funny coming from the people who cannot even draw enough people to count on one hand. The more time that passes, the funnier it all gets to us. Maybe the Democrats should hire some paid actors next time and save themselves a little bit of embarrassment.