2 People Arrested in Leftwing Attack on 7 Year Old Trump Supporter


A seven year old who supports the current president was attacked outside of the Democratic National Convention and the police are making arrests. Camryn Amy (21 years old) was already arrested on Saturday. Olivia Winslow was arrested the day before. Winslow has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, conspiracy and robbery.

These two Biden supporters attacked the little boy on Thursday night. While the mainstream media may have been fine with ignoring this, the authorities are not going to. The little boy’s name is Riley and in case you were wondering, he did nothing wrong. It’s sad that we would have to mention it but here we are.

The party of “unity” and “empathy” has supporters that would attack a small child for wearing a MAGA hat. The irony is not lost on us, that is for sure. The video will break your heart. The small child did not know what to do. It’s not like seven year old children have very experience when it comes to being attacked by adults.

He was calling out for his mother and asking her to call 911. Joe Biden needs to step up right now and condemn violence against children. The Democrats have gone too far. It’s bad enough when grown adults cannot wear a MAGA hat in public without having to worry about being jumped by angry Democratic voters.

Now children are no longer safe and that’s a sad state of affairs. It’s one thing to confront an adult who has the ability to defend themselves. It’s quite another to pick on a little boy as a means of making up for whatever void that you have inside. This is the sort of demented behavior that the leftists always seem to think is funny.

Since Biden and Harris are not willing to talk about this, we won’t be surprised if the violence continues. The poor child simply wanted to pick up his hat off the ground and was stomped on for his efforts. According to the court records, Amy was not actually trying to stomp on the boy. She wanted to stomp on the hat instead.

Amy also stands accused of punching another male victim in the face, leaving him with a small laceration. The victim told police that the laceration caused him a significant amount of pain. These two women are facing the same charges and we just hope that it was all worth it to them. It’s reprehensible behavior for some.

Just imagine what it would be like to go to jail and have to tell your cellmates what you are actually there for. Someone else is talking about robbing a bank or stealing a car but you’re there because you wanted to beat up a child. To make matters even more ridiculous, you have also decided to beat up a child outside of a political convention. That’s not exactly going to win you too many friends at the big house, that is for sure.

Do these people think for even a second before they act? How could anyone attack a seven year old boy and feel good about what they have done? The current political climate is causing all sorts of uncomfortable confrontations but there is no excuse to come after a child. If this boy’s mother had smacked these two idiots upside the head when they tried to pull this stunt, maybe they would have learned their lesson then.

Now, they are going to be taught a much more difficult lesson in a court of law. The attacks on MAGA hats may play out well on social media but in the real world? There are consequences and repercussions for these types of actions. We hope that these women are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what they have done here. We do not wish to live in an America where children are going to be attacked with impunity.